Our Treatment

We have a proper treatment methodology for our patients which consists of a variety of therapies and medications. Our main focus is on providing personalized care to our patients and preventing relapse at all costs. Our treatment methodology consists of clinical tests, diagnosis, detoxification under supervision of our medical experts, regular therapy sessions with a professional psychologist, group therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, relapse prevention, aftercare planning, psychiatric treatment and medication management, meditation workshops, yoga, and art therapy. Therapies like cognitive-behavioral therapy, rational emotive behavior therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy are provided to our patients.

Physical Treatment

Physical Treatment

  1. Assesment & Fitness check
  2. Detoxfication if needed
  3. Psychiatry support
  4. Nutrition assurance
  5. Psychopharmacology
  6. Vitamin Suppliments
Psychological Treatment

Psychological Treatment

  1. Anger Management
  2. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
  3. Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy
  4. Life Skills Training
  5. Social Skills Training
  6. Communication Skills Training
Social Treatment

Social Treatment

  1. Group Therapy
  2. Family Meeting
  3. Life Time Aftercare
  4. Family Intervention
  5. Theraputic Community Formation
  6. Social counseling
Spiritual Treatment

Spiritual Treatment

  1. Meditation
  2. Gratitude Practice
  3. Spirituality Practice
  4. Self Compassion Practice
  5. Forgiveness Practice
  6. Spiritual Counseling