Mukta Jahan Banu
Program Director, Department of Mental Health.
B.Sc. in Psychology
MS in Clinical Psychology
M.Phil in Clinical Psychology

Mukta Jahan Banu is a certified clinical psychologist and counselling practitioner and have been serving different psychological roles and services at different mental health hospitals, clinics and chamber counseling centers for about 13 years (such as Brain & Life Hospital, Monobikash Counseling Center, CREA Rehabilitation center, Empathy Clinic, Zaman Clinic, and Dorpon Counseling Center ) During her time working, Mukta Jahan Banu has demonstrated strong clinical skills and therapeutic intervention that include cognitive behavior therapy, behavior therapy, Dialectical behavior therapy, Family therapy, creative therapy, Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, mindfulness and trauma management therapy etc. She completed B.Sc. in Psychology, MS in Clinical Psychology, and M.Phil. In Clinical Psychology which equivalent to Canadian master’s degree as per WES.
Moreover, she possesses exceptional interpersonal skills, effectively collaborating with multidisciplinary teams to provide comprehensive care related to mental health disorders such as developmental disorders, child behavioral and emotional problems, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, psychosis, schizophrenia, addiction, neuro-developmental disorders, marital conflict, personality disorders and old aged problems. In addition, she administers various kinds of psychometric tests such as intelligence tests and personality tests to assess mental health disorders and also formulate the treatment plan to provide mental health intervention. Apart from these, she has participated at many national and international training, seminars and workshops on mental health issues and achieved valuable certificates (Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Japan, and France are notable.) for her continuous professional development.
She is an active member of Bangladesh clinical psychology society and she also holds the life time membership of Bangladesh psychology association.