Teenagers and Addiction

Teenagers and Addiction

Depression at work is a very common condition where you feel low in mood for more than 2 weeks. It is also a condition where there is merely absence of feeling where you feel numb. Depression at work is especially seen in women and elderly age group who are more prone to depression. It is commonly seen in people who are prone to stress. Depression if left untreated can lead to addiction and suicidal tendency. It can affect the productivity and quality of life. Remember many people suffer from depression at work  silently, and they don’t voice out the concern. But with this blog we want you being about a change in your life by overcoming depression from the root cause.

Getting over depression at work is not easy. If you have suffered from a traumatic event in your childhood, it can leave a greater impact on the mind causing depression. Multiple rejection in life or failure in life can also lead to depression. Many females suffer from post-partum depression after childbirth because of fluctuation of hormones. Depression is also commonly seen in elderly age groups who live lonely and have no one to take care of them. Also people who are addicted to alcohol, smoke and drugs are more prone to depression. Depression must be taken care at an early age which can help you to cure at an early stage.

Here are top 3 tips that can help you get over depression at work.

Speak to your counsellor at work  

Speaking to your counsellor and sharing your mental health problem can help a great deal in overcoming depression. Forget the past, live in the present and think about your future. This is very important to follow. Going for counselling sessions can help you take care of your depression. Feeling motivated to work and get back to daily activities is very important. Disinterest in work or life can cause many problems and make you dependent on your loved and dear ones. Taking motivation sessions from your doctor can be a better therapy. Speaking to a counsellor can help you in making correct decisions.

Talk to your Boss and HR 

Depression interferes with work performance. Around 40 % of people suffer from depression but don’t voice it out to their Boss or HR thinking that it will be resolved. But if you are suffering from depression at work, speak to them and let them know so that they can work out some options to make you feel motivated at work. People get worried that they will be viewed as incapable of doing their job and considered as weak in making decisions. But before the environment turns toxic, take a step and make sure to beat depression.

Calm yourself 

If you have been working continuously without any break and need some leaves, speak to your Boss and HR. Approaching them for a much-needed break will truly help you to overcome depression. Explain them positively so that they don’t take depression as your weakness. Inform them you want to deliver quality results, and you are focussed on it. For example: If you are stressed about a particular project and get anxious about it or if you are overloaded with work speak to your Boss and HR and let them know about it. Let your manager know about depression at work so that they can hand over some responsibilities to your colleague rather than overburdening you.

So get started to take an initiative now for your depression. Speak to our counsellor at Empathy Foundation – Best Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Dhaka and Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Dhaka who can bring about the change in your thinking pattern and make a quality difference to you.